Route Changes

The Transit will provide route deviations to assist clients that are not able to access the service along the following revised routes.

Maps and schedules may be obtained by clicking on Route Maps & Bus Schedules.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-548-1068 or 979-732-6281.


Transit works to provide the general public with the following service, but is not limited to:

Demand Response Service

  • Door-to-door and curb-to-curb with a 24-hour advance reservation.

Deviated Route Service

  • Inner city, within a county, or county-to-county.

  • Routes may deviate as applicable.

Vanpool Employment Transportation - “Star”

  • Vanpool is a convenient, safe, and affordable employment transportation solution.

  • STAR allows 6-15 people, who live and work in the same are, with similar schedules, traveling more than 15 miles from home to work to form a customized route.

  • The monthly coast is based on the shared cost of the van, maintenance, fuel, insurance, tools, parking and any other associated with operating the van.

  • One of the STAR groups becomes the driver.

  • Colorado Valley Transit District will provide a monthly discount to qualified vanpools.

Destination Signage

  • Each bus has a front and right side sign, which indicates the service and route.


  • No transfer fares are sold.

Special Needs

  • All buses are ADA wheelchair accessible. We cannot provide transportation if the combined weight of the client and the mobility aid exceeds 800 pounds.

Maps and schedules may be obtained by clicking on Route Maps & Bus Schedules.

Call (800) 548-1068 or 979-732-6281.